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Rihanna, Chris Brown Dating News After Drake, 'Work' Singer.

Is it just us, or is Rihanna allegedly dating someone new every week?

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Of course, constantly rotating boyfriends in and out of her life can be exhausting (not to mention wasteful! So, obviously, the 27-year-old has been forced to recycle past lovers. (Photo Credit: Getty Images) , an aspiring young singer was in the studio with Breezy, 26, and reportedly caught the father-of-one Face Timing with the “Four Five Seconds” singer.

<strong>Rihanna</strong> & <strong>Chris</strong> <strong>Brown</strong> Working On New

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This comes after years of the two dating on and off.

<em>Rihanna</em> and <em>Chris</em> <em>Brown</em> - Mirror
Chris Brown Has Openly Flirted With His Ex Rihanna On Instagram.

The couple’s tumultuous past has been well documented.Rihanna & Chris Brown Working On New

Rihanna chris brown dating pictures:

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